Thursday, September 02, 2004

New toy!

(Actually, this is 2 weeks old. I'm a lazy guy)

Suzuki DR350s dual sport bike. I can now go anywhere. Plus it wheelies easily.


ed curran said...

Hey there......I just purchased a 1992 Suzuki DR350S. The speedo says 10K and it runs/starts fine.All fluids are fine and new. After about 20-25 mins. of running/driving the bike just dies and it is a bear to start again.Good plug color, new plug, plenty of gas (new carb) good batt.
I can't figure out what is causing the problem other than maybe it's overheating and the CDI or regulator/rectifier is bad. Any thoughts or ideas will be very helpful. please email me at:

3:00 PM  

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