Thursday, July 15, 2004

I don't know how to reply

The last sentence of this post says "I don't believe he uses Free Software; that means that Microsoft is not satisfying their customers, and Free Software can perform better than Microsoft even in the ease of use area"

The article doesn't mention any sort of specific software (Microsoft, open source or others). How this Slashdotter spun this article into a "Hooray for open source" argument is beyond me. I can only hope he was joking.


JRemsik said...

This is not 'news for nerds' this is 'Open Source Propaganda'.

a. The author has no clue what software Thomas Sowell uses on a daily basis.

b. There is no offer of evidence that "Microsoft is not satisfying their customers" in the UI and ease of use departments.

c. Free software may very well be able to perform better, even, in the realm of ease of use. I could also be president someday. The fact that open source has the potention of being easier to use than a commercial product is great. The fact remains however that until the UI tier is a focus of most OS projects they will not only fail to match many commercial products but will carry on the elitist attitude harbored by many in the open source community.

5:08 PM  
CDATARun said...

Just wait until my blog makes it to Slashdot.

Joel (who, BTW, is still fired) has a good view of slashdot (Find out what I mean). My guess is that the average slashdotter is younger than 20, never reads any article and usually speaks larger than himself on his posts.

8:41 PM  

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