Monday, January 03, 2005

New Toy

I got a new toy . It's a 'C' frequency desktop rover. Kudos to ThinkGeek for their fast shipping. I placed the order at 1:00pm or so on Wednesday, upgraded to 2-day shipping (for a dollar more) and got the rover around 10:00am Thursday.

My first inclination with this was to update it to use less expensive batteries. I've since decided not to for several reasons. 1) The only place to put extra batteries (without interfering with the "laser tag" feature) is above the rover somewhere. With the "stock" battery location, the rover is already tipsy and has non-ideal front-rear weight distribution. The last thing it needs is a higher center of gravity. 2) You can buy the proper batteries on ebay for about $1.25 (shipped). There also is a 123A rechargable battery on ebay (and somewhere else, google it).


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