Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Best. Spam. Ever.

I was reading my email this morning and got this (completely unedited) message:

H [ el 9f lo dear home owner,

W - e h * ave been no 8 tified th : a Ox t your mo ] rtg J age rate i = s fixed at a ve 2t ry h _ igh i cZ nt Lc e c rest ra ~ te. Therefore you are curre Lu ntly ove f rpaying, w J hich sums-u I p to t e housands o g f doll ` ars a : nnual i l i2 y .

Luckily for you we c 8e an guarantee the lo 3 west rates i ; n the U.S. (3.27%). So hurry bec \ ause the ra - t ] e f _ orecast i R s not l Bw oo df king g 5w ood!

Th E7 ere is n > o obligat MP ion, and it's FRE Xe E

L z ock on the 3.27%, eve n with b . ad credit } !

I'm thinking to myself, 3.27%. That's a pretty good rate...

Assuming this is not some scam (which it probably is...), I can't imagine how ANYONE is going to do something major (Like refinancing your mortgage) and trust s 0 meo ne wh 0typ 35 l1k3 a f001.


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