Friday, January 21, 2005

Things I won't be buying...

My unread articles in Sharpreader was filled with gadgets. Here are the ones I won't be buying.

  • An MP3 player you can talk to.I don't want to talk to my anything. Not my car, not my computer, not my MP3 player. What happens if I have a cold? What happens if I'm in a noisy environment?

  • The iPod shuffle. Where's the display? I don't really care if the design is elegant if I need to stop and listen to each song for three seconds in order to skip to the next album.

  • The Mac mini. Ok. I like the size of it. It can't run Visual Studio. It can't run GTA Vice City. If I wanted to try an alternate OS, I can probably throw a comparable Linux machine together for half the price.


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