Monday, October 04, 2004

We're back in business!

Ok. Who knows what happened. About 2 weeks ago, my web site (hosted by the jerks at Yahoo!) went down. No email, no web site, nothing.

I tried over the course of a few days to get it fixed. The only replies I ever got were automated "we're working on it" emails.

I tried to get information on how to transfer things. I got a single email that gave instructions on how to point the domain to a different DNS, and how they would be able to manage the domain name for "only" $35/year.

I finally was able to transfer my domain to a different registrar. Great.

Yesterday I got the confirmation of the domain name registrar change. Today, I chose lunar pages because I think they have a cool name... Actually, for $1/month more than Yahoo, I get a whole lot more space, twice the badwidth and 200 (vs 5) email accounts. So, if you want email, let me know. Sorry, and are already taken.

Lessons learned? Paying extra for some customer service is well worth it. Don't cheap out on important things.

The good news is that you now can keep up to date whenever my laptop breaks next. :)


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