Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Been a while since I blogged...

No time like the present...

Two new toys.

Bought a "non working" archos jukebox 5000 on ebay (5 gig, 2.5" notebook drive, AA Batteries). First thing: I don't know what was non-working, but everything works fine (except for the batteries. That is why I only use things that take standard batteries. $9 bought me 6v and 2500mah rechargeables at Walmart. Try that with your iPod.

Of course, 5 gig isn't good enough so I upgraded to a 30gig I had laying around. Now I have 250 hours of mobile music, plus a place to do a backup when on the road.

Biggest reason for choosing the archos was the ability to upgrade the firmware with Rockbox. Open source firmware. Geek chic.

Toy number 2 (sorry, no pics, it's sitting in pieces in my garage right now) 2001 Kawasaki KLR650. I ran WAY up north in a blizzard a month-or-so ago to pick it up. Saved like $600 by getting it in the middle of winter. Naturally the only reason to get a 650 dual sport is monster wheelies.