Friday, November 09, 2007

My Desktop

Special thanks to Microsoft for releasing Windows Live Writer.  Blogger's editor is fine, but it's nice to have rich features for cutting/pasting and dealing with images.

Anyway... on impulse, I took a picture of my desktop (with my phone; I'm so modern) that illustrates some interesting things:


  • Please join me in welcoming Chicken to the Arts family!
  • The can of Point beer is from the Iola old car show.  I have cans for every year dating back to 1987.
  • Those are my footprints on the monitor; taken on a beach on Lake Superior
  • My name tag thing was cut with fricken lasers
  • Those with a superhuman attention to detail will note that I use PSPad for a text editor.
  • That is the best smelling candle money can buy.   I actually can't light candles anymore due to the bird's sensitive lungs.
  • The bamboo is one of two things in the picture that were purchased at Ikea; the other is the glass paper weight.


Is this all my blog has become?  A haven for test picture uploads?